Injustice Gods Among Us APK Download for Android

If your Android gamer and you love action games and super heroes. Then try Injustice Gods Among Us APK where fighting and collection DC heroes is what’s it all about. The aim of the game is to collect characters then build a team consisting of 3 character. Equip them with gear for bonus stats to bolster your team. developed by Warner bro and released April 3, 2013. the game still holds its own in terms of graphics and user entertainment.

Fight the story mode an unlock new gear, characters and achievements. As your team gets strong the battles become harder the loot becomes better. warner brother recently released the new injustice 2 game for android which as even more kick arse action and game modes along with amazing features.

Not a big fan of story mode then injustice offers plenty more game modes, the most popular being online battles. Go up against other players around the world and fight for a ranking on the world leader board.  The top players get rewards such new gold level heroes new gear for that DC hero to increases specific traits.

Injustice Gods Among Us APK Game Modes/Features

  • Online Battles
  • Story Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Tournements
  • Fight friends
  • Gear looting
  • Gearing upgrades
  • Hero upgrades

You name it Injustice gods among us is jam packed with action from the get go, no sitting around waiting for fights. Log in select your game mode and fight.

Check the official injustice gods among us trailer for Android Game, not only will it get you pumped it will give you some insight as to how the game works and plays. You can see the incredible detail in the graphics.


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